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Agreements and Disclaimers

All meeting registrants must agree to CLSI’s Meeting Practices as a condition of registration. Please review the following information beofre registering or attending a CLSI meeting.

Image Consent and Release

By attending the event, you consent to CLSI’s use of any photographs, video, or other recordings, without payment of any kind, for any purpose, which may include use in our marketing materials and publications and for our internal business purposes.

Registration Notice

CLSI is a nonprofit organization with a strong commitment to fiscal responsibility. By registering for this meeting, you have confirmed your intent to participate, for which there is cost to CLSI. Should circumstances change that prevent you from attending, you agree to let CLSI know at the earliest convenience.

Expression and Exchange

CLSI is committed to providing an environment that encourages the free expression and exchange of scientific ideas and promotes equal opportunities and respectful treatment for all participants. All meeting registrants must agree to CLSI’s Collegial Meeting Practices as a condition of registration. By registering you are agreeing to these standards. Please review the Collegial Meeting Practices in their entirety and pass them along to anyone attending the meetings.

Collegial Meeting Practices 

CLSI values the voices, opinions, and ideas of all meeting and event participants and is committed to providing an environment where our participants feel respected and safe. To assist us in doing that, we ask that all participants adhere to the following Collegial Meeting Practices.

  1. Follow the Roberts Rules of Order for formal meeting proceedings, and speak clearly into microphones.
  2. Demonstrate equal respect and consideration for all attendees, regardless of committee membership status.
  3. When attending virtually, use the “raise hand” feature to be recognized by the Chairholder.
  4. Avoid intentionally talking over or interrupting others.
  5. Be collaborative, invite others’ opinions, and ask questions.
  6. Avoid biased, demeaning, intimidating, or harassing comments or conduct.
  7. Listen actively and with curiosity for others’ viewpoints.
  8. Do not make video or audio recordings of the event or violate participants’ privacy through the copying or distribution of meeting transcripts.

CLSI reserves the right to suspend the participation of any party that engages in disruptive, harassing, or demeaning behavior.

Standards Development Policies and Processes

These meetings will be conducted in accord with established CLSI standards development policies and processes to ensure that the lawful activities of CLSI can proceed freely without violation or the appearance of violation of antitrust laws. These procedures provide for open and wide advance notice of meetings, attendance by all interested parties (to the extent practical), careful adherence to the lawful agenda, and accurate recording of meeting results. CLSI staff are responsible for informing attendees of these procedures as appropriate, and for ensuring compliance.

Intellectual Property

All content discussed and shared at the meetings is confidential and must be treated in compliance with CLSI's intellectual property guidelines and protocols as published on clsi.org.

Participation Waiver

Attendee assumes all risks and accepts sole responsibility for any injury (including, but not limited to, personal injury, disability, and death), illness, damage, loss, claim, liability, or expense, of any kind, that attendee may experience or incur in connection with attending the meetings. Attendee hereby releases, covenants not to sue, discharges, and holds harmless CLSI, its employees, agents, and representatives, of and from any such claims, including all liabilities, claims, actions, damages, costs, or expenses of any kind arising out of or relating thereto.

In addition to all other rules and regulations relating to the attendee’s attendance, attendee agrees to comply with all COVID-related procedures that may be implemented by CLSI and the event facility, including, but not limited to, mask-wearing and social distancing requirements and restrictions on certain activities that carry higher COVID-related risk, in order to protect as much as possible the health and safety of all meeting attendees.