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Permission for Use of CLSI Intellectual Property

Please read carefully to ensure compliance with CLSI’s copyright policy.

CLSI reserves all rights to all content of CLSI standards, guidelines, companion products, and all other CLSI materials.  Any entity, person, or business who desires to copy, duplicate, replicate, reproduce, extract, present, or otherwise communicate any content of CLSI standards, guidelines, companion products, or other CLSI materials shall obtain express written consent from CLSI. Interested parties may send permission requests to permissions@clsi.org.

The following statement shall appear in all CLSI standards and guidelines, and on CLSI’s website:

“Any reproduction of content from a CLSI copyrighted standard, guideline, companion product, or other material requires express written consent from CLSI. All rights reserved. Interested parties may send permission requests to permissions@clsi.org.”

CLSI shall consider consent for legitimate user activities for which there is no monetary exchange.

Examples of such activities are:

  • Inclusion of language from a CLSI document in a laboratory’s standard operating procedures
  • Reference of CLSI intellectual property in a scientific journal
  • Presentation of CLSI intellectual property in an educational session

CLSI shall consider requests for other purposes, and may deny such requests or impose a licensing fee for use of CLSI intellectual property in revenue-generating activities and/or materials.

Sharing documents within your hospital network at another site is against our copyright policy; however, if you are interested in expanding your membership to multiple locations, learn more about our Health System membership here.

CLSI’s Digital Rights Management Policy

CLSI has implemented watermarking of documents to help protect the intellectual property of its standards and guidelines.

The importance of protecting copyrighted materials distributed through the Internet is a major issue for organizations today. Our volunteers and authors contribute tremendous amounts of time and expertise in developing our standards and guidelines. Sales of these documents are a major source of revenue for CLSI. The unauthorized distribution of these documents interferes with our ability to sell copies of the documents in support of our non-profit mission.

To prevent unauthorized distribution or replication of our proprietary documents, we have added a watermark to our electronic documents. The watermark will display red text using variable information along the bottom of every page of a document as follows:

The first line displays:

“Licensed to: Full Name. Single User License only.”

The second line displays:

“This document is protected by copyright. CLSI order # 99999, id # 999999, downloaded on day month year.”


A watermark also will appear on our inventory of ISO documents to comply with ISO’s policy for resellers.

If you have any questions or comments regarding watermarking, please feel free to contact us at customerservice@clsi.org.