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  • Download our free crosswalk resources that can help you pass or maintain accreditation.
  • Access free resources like M100 Free, M60 Free, and VET08 Free for important breakpoint information.
  • Get helpful, affordable training with on-demand webinars. Plus, you and your staff can earn PACE CE credits for attending our upcoming webinars.
  • Check out our solution packages. We have identified the most commonly cited deficiencies by major accreditation organizations and created document packages to address each area.
  • Shop our latest standards and products in our newly organized online store.
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  • Visit the My CLSI area of our website where you can now access and download past invoices.
  • Choose your e-mail and specialty area preferences in the My CLSI area of our website.
  • Get access to eCLIPSE, our online library of documents, which allows you and your organization unlimited access to the standards you need.
  • Access CLSI Exchange to review, comment, and vote on CLSI documents that are available for public review.
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